Bass Brassmaster

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As used by  Placebo’s Stefan Olsdal, Yob, Anglagard, Mad Foxes, Dead Witches, Djiin.

This is the Maestro Bass Brassmaster  revisited. This was probably the first octave fuzz designed for bass back in the early 70s. It’s still the best imho, and sounds fantastic on guitar too.

The latent Lemon Brassmaster is true to the original 70s pedals by using the correct components together with high spec modern parts which gives the best low frequency response, harmonics, octave effect and range of phat fuzzy bass goodness.

Bass Brassmaster guitar demo with a Fender Telecaster

Anglagard’s bassist Johan Brand did a Brassmaster pedal shootout, I am so pleased that the Latent Lemon pedal came out on top! Here are the three pedals he compared:

Just come off stage at Children of the Sun fest in Copenhagen and got so much great feedback about to awesome tone of your Brassmaster. Thanks again dude, awesome box of tricks. Carl Geary”

Bassist with Dead Witches

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