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"I’ve used Albini’s actual HP, and the Latent Lemon Audio Hurts is dead on" 

R.C., Chicago USA

“I dont know how to thank you? You’re attention to detail... you nailed it. You have the best harmonic percolator on the market. Truest to Interfax as far as I can tell. Plus your pedal just out right kicks ass with all the options you offer in Ge and Si switches and so on. This pedal knocks all other HPs in the dirt. Including the xxxxxxx cause I got one of those. Kudos, man. Playing it through my Orange amp... makes me the happiest kid in the world. Where may I leave a positive review, sir.”


As seen on That Pedal Show, The Pedal Movie in Steve Albini’s collection. As used by Pearl Jam, Pigs x7 and many more - even Placebo have a Hurts in their pedal arsenal . 

The latest version of the Hurts - complete with Sputter control! This lets you alter the transistor bias so you can go from classic dad-rock tones to Mr Albini and beyond! 

The infamous Harmonic Percolator circuit tuned for maximum tone. Capable of filthy sub octave and wilful feedback, through to just a hint of grit, or an amp slamming transistor booster. Definitely more than just a fuzz.

As in the original HP-1 the Hurts uses both germanium and silicon transistors carefully selected and graded for both sound and gain. Inside it has a couple of trimmers, one to tune in the octave "sweet spot" and one for gain compensation in case of oscillation.

It uses germanium diodes as in the original HP-1 and has a switch to change to silicon diodes which are slightly louder (my favourite on bass). In the mid position this switch bypasses the diodes making it a loud transistor booster that really pushes the front end of an amp. 

I wanted a Harmonic Percolator that sounded something like Steve Albini’s, but couldn't find the sub-octave throaty HP-1 sound I was looking for - especially after I luckily got to record an old 70s original Ed Giese Interfax HP-1 which sounded amazing! Anyway, back in 2012, after more breadboard experimentation and research than is probably healthy, I came up with the Hurts pedal. 


Harmonics - fuzz/distortion gain

Sputter - transistor bias

Balance - output volume

Deep switch - allows more low frequencies into the circuit and also adjusts the circuit to help prevent oscillation. Perfect for Bass and Doom!
Diode switch - Ge = germanium diodes, Si = silicon diodes, centre position = diodes bypassed.
Internal trimmers:
- Octave: adjusts the octave “sweet spot”. Set diode switch to Ge and Harmonics to max for strongest sub octave effect.

- Gain Compensation: It is recommended to leave this trimmer alone unless your pedal oscillates, in which case back it off slightly.

9V power - standard 9V DC. 2.1mm centre negative

Enclosure size: 120 x 94 x 42

Current draw - 33mA

Battery: no

Top quality components: Alpha/ E Switch footswitch, Lumberg power socket, Neutrik jack sockets, Hammond enclosure etc. Latent Lemon designed circuit boards. Hand built to last in Hastings, England.

"Hey man, Just to say finally got a chance to try this at band practice and it was fantastic. I've been going between a fuzzrocious rat's tail and a xxxxxxx effects percolator for my nasty overly distorted sound for the past year with neither sounding right, and this blew them both off the board when I did a shootout between all three. Got a gig on Thursday that I can't wait to use it for. Cheers!" Ex Wives, Glasgow UK

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